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3 Year Old Kindergarten

Creative Curriculum

Social Emotional Growth and Development

  1. Knows or responds to name
  2. Responds to and enjoys imitative play
  3. Develops imaginative play (store, house, etc.) with other children or dolls
  4. Begins to develop self control with adult guidance
  5. Interacts positively with peers and familiar adults
  6. Attempts to follow rules and routines

Physical Growth and Development

  1. Jumps in place
  2. Walks on tiptoe
  3. Stands on one foot
  4. Attempts to copy circle, square and triangle
  5. Strings beads
  6. Puts shoes on

Language Growth and Development

  1. Talks in 3-4 word combinations
  2. 75-80% of words are understood by others
  3. Follows two step directions (ex. “get the book and put it on the table”)
  4. Engages in conversation with others
  5. Answers “where” questions and asks “what” questions
  6. Enjoys hearing stories, rhymes and songs
  7. Begins to recognize and match colors
  8. Communicates needs verbally and/or non-verbally
  9. Practices speaking by talking to self
  10. Knows first and last name and several nursery rhymes
  11. Can tell a story or relay an idea to someone
  12. Can stay with same activity for 8 or 9 minutes

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