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Gr 2


Alphabetical Adventure - Help click on the words in alphabetical order. 
Alphabetical Order - Put the words in alphabetical order. 
Alphabetizing - Put the words into the column in alphabetical order.
Alphabetizing Game - Put the list of words in alphabetical order.
Alphabetizing Words - Put the words in alphabetical order.
Roy and Mo ABC Order - Help Mo put the words A-Z in ABC order.
Roy and Mo ABC Oder - Help Mo put the words A-Z in ABC order. 

Compound Words

Break it Up - Split the compound word by putting a divider between the letters to form two words. 
Compound Match - Click on the word boxes for form compound words.
Compound Transportation Words - Connect the words on the left to the words on the right to make a compound word. 
Compound Word Animal Match - Connect words on the left to the words on the right to make animal compound words.
Compound Word Match - Connect the words on the left to the words on the right to make compound words.
Compound Words - Watch a short video then do activities about compound words.
Divide the Compound Word - Split the compound word by putting a divider between the letters to form two words.
Find the Compound - Click the two little words that make the big word.
Gus and Inky's Underwater Adventure -  Find the picture of the compound word after putting two words together.  
Make a Compound Word - Read the clue and choose the correct compound word to answer the question.

Consonant Clusters, Blends, and Diagraphs

Blends - Match the blend to the word that starts with that blend.
Cluster Busters - Click on the consonant cluster that matches the picture.
Consonant Blends - Click on the consonant blend that matches the picture.
Consonant Sounds Beginning - Click on the consonant diagraph that begins the picture's name.
Consonant Sounds Final - Click on the consonant digraph that ends the picture's name.


Contraction Match - Memory game where you match the two words to the contraction form of those words.
Contractions - Match the contraction to the two words that make the contraction.
Fill It In - Type the two words that make the contraction given.
Fly By - Click on the plane flying by that is holding the banner with the two words that make the contraction given.
Treasure Trove - Choose which contraction key will unlock the treasure chest.
Type the Contraction - Type the contraction for the two words given.
Which One? - Choose which two words make the contraction given. 

Fables and Folktales

Chinese Fables- Listen to 6 Chinese fables from Starfall.
Fables from Aesop - Tortoise & the Hare, Foolish Crow, Lion & the Mouse, Fox & His Shadow
Starfall - Folktales: Little Red Hen, Chicken Little, Mr. Bunny's Carrot Soup, 4 Friends, Little Rooster, The Turnip. 

Grammar and Parts of Speech

Adjective Adventure - Click on the spider labeled with an adjective and feed it a fly.
Clean Up Your Grammar - Help clean up the beach while you decide if words are nouns or verbs.
Noun Dunk - Decide if the words given are common, proper or not nouns at all.
Noun Explorer - Click on the fish labeled with a noun and feed it a worm.
Panda Mayhem - Click on the panda holding the correct part of speech.
Question Marks - Help Zed put the tools in his shed by choosing the sentence that needs a question mark.
Verbs in Space - Click on the robot holding the verb.
Wall of Words - Use the word bricks to make a sentence. Use the correct punctuation mark to end the sentence.
Zara's Capital Letter Game - Use the magnifying glass and choose which letter needs a capital letter.


Antonym Match - Match the word with a word that means the opposite.
Antonyms - A matching game to help teach opposite meanings.
Opposites - Help the bunny find words with opposite meaning.
Squanky the Tooth Taker - Help Squanky find teeth with opposite meanings.
Sequence and Sentence Structure
Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich - Number the sentences with what happens next to make a sandwich.
Monkey Business - Help Monkey make a bridge by putting the words in order to make a sentence.
Short A and Sight Word Magnets - Make sentences using short "a" and sight words.
Short E and Sight Word Magnets - Make sentences using short "e" and sight words.
Short I and Sight Word Magnets - Make sentences using short "i" and sight words.
Short O and Sight Word Magnets - Make sentences using short "o" and sight words.
Short U and Sight Word Magnets - Make sentences using short "u" and sight words. 
Story Scramble - Look at the pictures, read the story and decide what happened next.
Tale of Peter Rabbit - Click on Word Order Activity. Move the words in order to make a complete sentence.

Sight and Spelling Words

High Frequency Words - Read the sentence and fill in the blanks with the right word.
My Reading Tools - Read the clues and find the sight word that fits in the sentence.
Seaside Circle Game - Listen to the word and spell it.
See and Spell - Drag the letters to spell the name of the picture shown.
Sight Word Bingo - Listen to the sight word and click on the word. Try to get Bingo!
Spelling Sight Word Practice - Listen to the word and arrange the letters to spell the sight word.
Treasure Hunt- Use your reading tools and identify sight words.

Singular and Plural

Irregular Plurals - Match the related words, singular to plural.
Matching Singular and Plural Nouns - Match the singular noun to the plural noun.
Plural Nouns - Choose the correct ending for the noun given s or es.
Plural Picture Quiz - Look at the picture. Type the plural form of the picture.
Plural Play - Play Tic Tac Toe with a friend while you decide the plural ending of s, es, or ies. 
Plural Y Endings - Make the singular word plural by deciding what to do with the "y" ending.
Singular or Plural - Sort the words into singular and plural. 


How Many Syllables - How many syllables are in the animal's name?


‚ÄčNASA for kids

Addition and

Adding 2-Digit Numbers- Add the ones first, then the tens.
Adding 2-Digit Partial Sums - Demonstration on how to add 2 digit numbers using the partial sums method.
Alien Addition - Practice your addition facts.
Aquatic Speedway - The faster you answer the subtraction facts, the faster your player swims.
Basic Math Fact Sheets - Online addition and subtraction math fact practice. Tests and corrects online.
Ducky Race Subtraction - Answer the subtraction facts as fast as you can to help your duck win the race.
Gone Bananas!- Practice subtraction facts and help the monkey catch bananas.
Hidden Picture- Answer addition facts correctly and uncover a hidden picture.
Kitten Match - Choose numbers that add up to the number given in the middle.
Matching Addition - Match the addition problem with its answer.
Math Fact Shoot Out - Practice addition and subtraction facts while you shoot hoops.
Minus Mission - Practice your subtraction facts.
Puny Pet Shop - Help fill the cages and tanks in the pet store as you answer addition facts.
Snakes and Ladders - Practice adding using skip counting.
Snowball Fight - Practice subtraction facts and throw snowballs at the right answer.
Subtract Tens and Ones - Use Base 10 blocks to help solve 2-digit subtraction problems.
Wade's Workout - Practice your addition facts and help Wade make the soccer team.

Comparing Numbers

Ordering 3-Digit Numbers - Order the 3-digit numbers from least to greatest.
Numbers in Expanded Form - Look at the number shown. Choose the number that it represents in expanded form.
Speedboat Comparing Numbers - Using <, >, and = signs, compare numbers and make your boat go faster.


Compare Fractions - Color to show each fraction, then decide if the fractions are <, >, or =..
Flowering Fractions - Completing fractions by looking at denominators for a whole or a half. 
Fraction Flags 1/4s and 1/2s - Create flags using the fractions and the colors given.
Fraction Flags 1/3s - Create flags using the fractions and the colors given.
Fraction Race - Play a fraction game. 
Kids and Cookies - Choose your number of kids; then choose your number of cookies. Share the cookies equally between the kids. Cut the cookies into fractions when necessary. 
Naming Fractions - Type the name of the fraction to represent the shaded parts.
Visualizing Fractions - Color the shapes parts to match the given fraction.


Graphs, Grids, and Tally Marks


Bar Graphs - Use the tally chart and complete the bar graph.
Let's Graph - Count tally marks on a graph and answer questions about your results.
Points on a Grid - Practice following directions to find points on a grid.
Reading Bar Graphs - Use the graphs to answer the questions.
Tally Marks - Match the tally marks to the number it represents.
Venn Diagrams -Use the Venn Diagrams to answer the questions.


Everything You Wanted to Know about Perimeter and Area - Practice measuring perimeter and area of shapes.
Find Lengths with a Ruler - Using either centimeters or inches, use a ruler to help you measure.
Length Strength: Centimeters - Practice your measuring skills using centimeters!
Length Strength: Inches - Practice your measuring skills using inches!
Measure It- Practice measuring in centimeters or inches.
Thermometer Measuring Game - Use the thermometer to measure the liquids to degrees C and F.
Time to Move - Measure the fish and decide if they belong in the big tank or small tank.


Cash Out - Give the correct change to customers that come to your store.
Change Maker - Figure out the change you will get back after you purchase something.
Counting Money - Count money and earn fish for your fish bowl.
Discovering Coin Value - Roll the coins down the slide that add up to the correct value.
Dolphin Dash - Count money up to one dollar.
Let's Compare - Compare amounts of money using the <, >, and = signs.
Matching Money- Like Memory, click on the money value in coins and in words.
Money Flashcards - Add up the coins and type in the amount..


Color It - Color the multiples of the number given to make a picture.
Multiples of 2, 3, 4 and 5 - The number shown is the multiple of which number? 

Odd or Even 

Dragon's Eggs - Fly a dragon around the screen and rescue eggs by deciding if they are odd or even numbers.
Ghost Blast Even - Click on the ghosts at are even numbers.
Ghost Blast Odd - Click the ghosts that are odd numbers.
Jelly Diving - Test your knowledge of odd/even while showing your acrobatic skills in this high-flying game! 
Odd or Even - Decide if the numbers are odd or even. 

Place Value and Base 10 Blocks

Base 10 Blocks - Use cubes, longs and blocks to make numbers.
Mystery Numbers- Using place value, read the clues and place the numbers in the correct place.
Numbers to 1,000 - Use base ten blocks and tell how many hundreds, tens and ones.
Partial Sums Adding With Base Ten Blocks - Demonstration on how to add numbers using base 10 blocks. 
Place Value to 100 Thousands - Read the clues and place the digits in the correct place.
Pool Shark Place Value - Look at the cubes, longs and blocks and pop the number bubble that matches.
Scooter Quest: Place Value - Read the clue and click on the house with the number in the correct place.
Underlined Place Value- Match the underlined digit to its value.

Shapes, Tangrams, and Pattern Blocks

Kids Tangrams - Solve tangram puzzles by moving and rotating shapes.
Polygon Matching Game - Match the polygon picture with its name.
Polygons - Decide which shapes are polygons or not polygons. 
Shape Tool - Create polygons.
Solid Figure Factory - Learn the names of solid figures. 
Tangrams - Solve Chinese Tangram puzzles.


Giraffe Dash - Help the giraffe win the race by telling time to the hour, quarter hour, and half hour.
Match Up Time - Memory game matching the analog time to the digital time..
Stop the Clock - Drag the time to the correct clock!
Telling Time - What time is it?
Time Matching Game - Matching game with clock times.
Time Travel - Learn to tell time by using an analog or digital clock.
What Time is It? - Match the analog time with the digital time.
Willy the Watchdog - A 2 player game that teaches time to the half hour.

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